One of the selling points of ArcoLinux is the fact that we have so many tutorials. We anticipate your questions and make articles with video’s on Youtube to assist you in your learning path.

ArcoLinux is there to learn, enjoy and have fun.

We have a learning path and it is your choice when you switch from phase. When you feel you are ready, you can start learning more about ArcoLinux and Arch Linux.




If you start learning linux then XFCE is a great way to start. If you know your way around the system then we can start learning Openbox. You will see it again as a challenge to know how this desktop environment works.  The ultimate challenge then will be to learn to work with a window tiling manager like i3, which is mostly keyboard driven. Each desktop environment increases in complexity.




ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux iso. No applications (firefox, vlc, …) No desktop environments.

After phase 1 you know what desktop you like and you install the building blocks yourself together with our Youtube tutorials.
We will install Xfce or Openbox or i3 together.




ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux. No applications (firefox, vlc, …) No desktop environments.

There are other desktop environments you can explore. Let us install them together like Awesome, Gnome, …




ArcoLinux will give you the power the change the ArcoLinux and ArcoLinux iso and give it a personal touch.

Insteal steam or obs-studio on the iso… anything really.

Remove and add applications at will. Then burn your personal iso.




Let us install Arch Linux together.
Let us install it the “Arch way“.
Choose the building blocks.
Choose the desktop environment.
Choose the applications.




Making an iso like ArcoLinux is a time intensive and knowledge intensive project.

We will go into ALL the technicalities users see but also all the details going on at the back-end office like the repo’s, github, workflow management,…

check out the menu and the submenu's

Check out the tags or search for a topic.
Xfce, openbox and i3
are all on this website.

Continue reading here for more info about bios and uefi

Technical information how to install Linux on your hardware