Starting with ArcoLinux
is likeĀ  going to the university
Major selling point of ArcoLinux
is the vast amount of video tutorials

We anticipate your questions and make articles with videos on Youtube to assist you in your learning path.

ArcoLinux is there to learn, enjoy and have fun.

We have a learning path and it is your choice when you switch from phase. When you feel you are ready, you can start learning more about different aspects of ArcoLinux, different desktops or move to the Arch Way of installing Arch Linux.

Take your time. The learning path is meant to last for a few years.

If there is no video yet to help you,

we instantly create it

After the “Start here” you explore ArcoLinux and when you need solutions or some insight, you check out the menu “General, Design, Applications” on this website to find the topic you want or just use the search.

  • General
  • Design
  • Applications

Rescue gives you a lot of knowledge about your system. It is often humanerror” that is at the basis of “things that go wrong”. You will learn a lot from those tutorials. They often apply to all Arch based distros.

Superflex contains all articles where we start from one iso and keep adding desktops to it. ArcoLinux is super flexible.

Download is there to redirect users quickly to the isos.

Listing menu gives you an overview of all articles on one page.