Update your system using pamac

This applies to all desktop environments.

Pamac is our standard updater in ArcoLinux. You can update your system also in the terminal. That is for another article.

Pamac provides us a tray-icon (assuming you did not change the icon theme) that is white. This means that your system is up-to-date.

When the pamac icon turns red, it means you can do updates. There is no must to do it straight away. You can do that when you shutdown. Always take a look at the names that are in the list. You need to learn these names. By following this up, you will learn package by package, what is installed on ArcoLinux and you will understand why we install packages in phase 2.

Oktober 2017 we are using version 6. It gives us as an overview of all possible packages you can install. You can check there what software is coming from the ArcoLinux repositories. A repository is a place on the net, where the Arch packages/software are kept. You can then install them from there. The video will show you the old ArchMerge repo’s.

These are the ArcoLinx repositories:


#SigLevel = Required DatabaseOptional
#Server = https://arcolinux.github.io/arcolinux_repo_testing/$arch

SigLevel = Required DatabaseOptional
Server = https://arcolinux.github.io/arcolinux_repo/$arch