Update your system using the terminal and upall or pksyua

This applies to all desktop environments.

Pamac is our graphical updater in ArcoLinux. You can find more info about updating via pamac in this article.

But you can also update in the terminal.

Personally I start the day with a command in the terminal and read what will be updated. Trying to learn the names of all these applications.




When there is an update coming in from ArcoLinux packages we check if there are updates that go into /etc/skel.

Then I will navigate with my file manager to /etc/skel and copy/paste the hidden content (CTRL + H to show it) to my own home directory.

After that I am 100% rolling and 100% up-to-date.

We also show you in the video an other approach. Use meld to compare the folders in /etc/skel with your own. This is a great way to learn. What did ArcoLinux change and why? You can learn the why also on our githubs. When we change elements, we try to be ‘descriptive’ what we changed.