Updating a 6 months old ArcoLinux or how to keep rolling and never clean install

There are so many articles out there that will tell you all about Arch Linux. Just like this one.

There are many misconceptions about Arch Linux and so also about ArcoLinux.

  1. It is hard to install – ArcoLinux has a graphical installer
  2. Rolling releases are unstable – Arch Linux is stable – AUR packages can cause issues
  3. Rolling releases are difficult to keep up-to-date – you have to do it daily – this video will prove otherwise
  4. I don’t have roll back packages – you do but why use them – a fix is under way – patience
  5. AUR is scary – not at all – it is FUN

We start with a laptop I have not touched in like 6 months and update the system.

I would have and should have rebooted after the “update” command but since I was recording, I did not. That accounts for some of the messages we see afterwards.

I am working on this laptop now and everything is up-to-date: Arch Linux, ArcoLinux and AUR.

Device = laptop Lenovo Yoga 510

Tip :

get your archlinux-keys in via  (in the video at 7:00)

sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring