Updating ArcoLinux – explaining/using many aliases bupskel, update, skel, upall, ps, psa, rip, riplong, cb and others – any desktop

During this video we will show you how to update with commands like bupskel, update, skel, cb and upall. This is not new.

We use and make new aliases for the following reasons

  • to be more efficient
  • work faster
  • have a better workflow

Nobody says you NEED to use aliases.

With the updates we will get more aliases in our bashrc. 

List of the new aliases

  • ps
  • cb
  • cz
  • tobash
  • tozsh
  • nconfgrub
  • gpg-check
  • gpg-retrieve

We will go over them in the video and show you the difference between the old Variety and the new Variety.

Youtube Playlist About Updating and aliases


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