Use all your cores during build or installation of packages

We have made sure that during the installation of Calamares we configure your system to use all cores.

Only relevant if you go to phase 5 and do an Arch Linux installation


We have explained in this article that we can improve the build time of applications considerably by using all cores of your processor.

This time we are on ArchMerge 6.5.1 and we have added a script to change your makepkg.conf file to the correct maximum number of cores.

The application arcolinux-bin-git will provide the files. You can find this script here :


It applies to any and all desktops as this is a general Arch Linux setting.

In the video you will see that IF you do nothing ARCH will use 1 core while I have 4 cores available. If you have 8 cores, it will use just 1 core as well.

We use the application “htop” to show you that and the application “Polybar” to install and build.

The script used to be in ~/.openbox/scripts. It moved to ~/.bin