Use bupskel to compare the ArcoLinux updates coming in

We have created a new alias – bupskel.

In ArcoLinux we put our configurations inside /etc/skel. Everything we put in this folder will be added to your home directory when we create a new iso.

Bupskel will copy the content of /etc/skel to a hidden folder in your home folder like .skel-backup-date-hour

First use

  1. bupskel – making a copy to your home folder
  2. update – update Arch Linux and ArcoLinux
  3. skel –  copy content of /etc/skel over on your home folder
  4. pksyua – update all AUR packages

Then you can start comparing with meld and see what changed in /etc/skel.

Follow the video to see how we do that.

Extra : where are all the keyboard shortcuts stored in Xfce, Openbox and i3.