Improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains.
These are the exact words from the developer, Héctor Molinero Fernández, on his github site:

This tool will basically change your hosts file in /etc so that 100.000+ domains will be blocked.

We have build a package so the application can be easily installed and updated!

All you need to do is install the application and run it once. A timer and a service will make sure that you will get the latest blocked domains at a certain interval.


A backup will never hurt anyone.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-hblock-git
hblock -b

You can read more about what it is for, is it safe to use, sources, … on his github.

Use the command
hblock -b
to make a backup of your /etc/hosts file

This was the original content of my /etc/hosts file.

Just for reference and backup. localhost ArcoLinuxB
::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
July 2019 renamed hblock-git
whitelist & blacklist
Update your system to be sure you have hblock-git 2.0.

Or install it now

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-hblock-git

Then type this command in your terminal to start it all

hblock -b

Add the whitelist domain names in


and the blacklist domain names in


In the video you see me whitelist with success.


Current content of my whitelist file aka /etc/hblock.d/whitelist.list
  1. Redlight and redlight-gtk – to be able to locate your geoip
  2. website to analyze webtraffic

adblock icon
to xfce settings

In a month or two click it again
to get the new blocked domains in