Use your own getting started scripts after a clean install

Making scripts is not that hard once you set your mind to it.

We are basically writing down what we otherwise would do manually .

Copying files over. Starting scripts. Deleting elements. Changing parts of text in files.

Things we normally do manually, we will now automate with scripts.

If you are installing and testing out 26 iso’s with so many desktops that comes in handy. 

It might be interesting for you as well.

Follow the video and take from it what you can use.

You have to make your own getting started script. (content in image)

You have to make your own ArcoLinux-Nemesis script as well.

But you can start with a copy/paste of mine to get most of the work in already and start from there.

In the video we download the nemesis github and call it ArcoLinux-Spock and start changing the scripts to your liking. That is exactly what you need to do. 

If you want, you can learn about using github and create your own ArcoLinux-Spock online. There are tutorials that will guide you all the way. Scripts will make it super easy.

Use your scripts whenever you do a clean install and keep improving them each time. 

Here are all the links I have used.

ArcoLinux-Nemesis github

Learn how to use github.

Fun script

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