Xfce has been updated to have Rofi keyboard shortcuts



We have learned in this article that there will be new keyboard shortcuts to add the functionality of Rofi to the Xfce desktop. Openbox and i3 had already Rofi.

Without a new keyboard configuration nothing will change.

You do not need to follow this article. ONLY if you want to have Rofi in Xfce. It gives us also another opportunity to explain how important /etc/skel is for ArcoLinux. Some of the updates will go in that folder. Then it is up to you to take action or not.

This article is actually NOT about Rofi but how to update packages that are installed in /etc/skel. 


These keyboard shortcuts will be added after the update is applied.

SUPER + R =  Rofi theme selector

CTRL + ALT + R = Rofi theme selector

Choose your theme with the arrows and save it with ALT + A.
Escape to cancel rofi.

SUPER + F11 : Rofi application launcher (full screen)

SUPER + F12 : Rofi application launcher